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At Sage Goddess, I served as an in-house content writer, copy editor and content manager for the many and various needs of a booming start-up.

During my time at this home-grown e-commerce business, they grew from less than 30 to over 50 employees. The content and copywriting need grew too!

The main drive of my position was to write several product descriptions for their daily offerings, while capturing their very specific, whimsical brand voice. I additionally wrote newsletter content, blogs, long-form informational pages, social media copy for daily Facebook posts, and print copy for monthly subscription mailers. I published and managed all content and images on WordPress.

March 1, 2017 FB post with 1.2k reactions and 70 shares

As the resident SEO expert, I spearheaded the initiative to implement search engine optimization strategy within all content, and drafted an SEO process document for the writing team to become familiar with SEO best practices. The company also installed and began using the Yoast plugin at my recommendation.

I quickly mastered the brand voice, and thus became the point person for onboarding new writers as the company grew. I guided several team members in writing style and vision.

Long-form page “What is a Chakra…”

It was a great pleasure working at Sage Goddess. The people there were beautiful spirits and incredible team players, willing to wear multiple hats in the craziness of a rapidly expanding new company.

I most enjoyed the creativity and autonomy of performing my day-to-day work. We became like a well-oiled machine and everyone was trusted to do their part.

My proudest contributions while working for Sage Goddess were a handful of high-performing blogs that increased engagement and reached the widest number of readers organically at that time. It was wonderful to read customers’ comments and know that the words I’d written had resonated.

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