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My roles at Medversant Technologies, LLC were serving as freelance content writer and marketing lead.

Working with the marketing and product team at this frontrunning healthcare tech company furnished opportunities for fast growth and leadership.

I drafted all content and oversaw design for their marketing initiatives end-to-end. This included website copy, landing pages, telesales scripts, a video script, email marketing materials, press releases, brochures, technical reference guides for users, and an internal marketing plan for their 2015 digital strategy. In the lead-up to a major website relaunch, I was the key point of contact for company stakeholders and graphic design vendors.

I additionally served as the team lead on the launch of Medversant’s HIPAA compliant email suite ProMailSource.

For this project, I worked with the in-house graphic design team and product team, writing all content site-wide, from headers and CTA buttons to product descriptions, all body copy, and a six-page Quick Start Guide for users.

ProMailSource user Quick Start Guide

It was a pleasure working with Medversant. The people there were flexible, fun and passionate. As a creative person, the most enjoyable aspect of my time there was being trusted to lead with my own creative vision; I had reasonable freedom to plan and execute the content they needed for the growth they desired.

Aside from leading the ProMailSource website launch, one of my proudest contributions was writing the script for the ProMailSource introductory video. For this, I worked with the product team and videographer to create an animation that aligned with their vision for the product.

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