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I’ve worked for Dr. U Hair & Skin Clinic for a number of years, providing SEO copywriting services as a contractor off and on since 2012.

As Dr. Umar’s need has arisen, I’ve returned to continue building his brand story through research, blogs, patient stories, newsletters, press releases, and long-form informational pages. The content I’ve written has covered an array of medical and cosmetic procedures, beauty tips and tricks, and innovations in hair restoration.

In each and every piece of copy, I’ve implemented relevant SEO best practices of the time. I continue to publish and manage my assigned content, images, and videos on his WordPress-powered website.

It’s been my pleasure to support Dr. Umar’s business as it has grown and evolved through multiple site relaunches, name changes, and strategy overhauls. I feel I’ve grown alongside him, crafting a more nuanced brand voice to align with his vision, which walks a careful line between technical, medical, and trendy.

I enjoy the flexibility and autonomy of working for Dr. U Hair & Skin Clinic remotely, while still interacting with Dr. Umar and his chief copy editor seamlessly via email and phone.

My proudest contribution to Dr. U’s practice is the overall body of work I’ve built writing for him. I’ve crafted hundreds of pieces of content freelancing for him alone, and it has been a wonderful learning experience.

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