Alanna Brown considers herself an Angelino, but was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has since lived in Kansas, central California, and Cusco, Peru. Upon arrival in southern California at the age of 9, her mother enlisted her with a talent agency and she booked the very first audition she went on; a national commercial for Twinkle Lights Barbie. As a child actress, she went on to film several more commercials, land a recurring role on the television show NYPD Blue, play opposite John Lithgow in a feature length movie, and come very close to landing a series regular role in the pilot “In the House” with L.L. Cool J. However, her successes were cut short due to familial circumstances.

After a near-fifteen-year hiatus, she is back, excited to return to the work she loves. Alanna is inspired by all art forms, but channels her passion through acting, writing, and singing.

She loves traveling whenever affordable, reading, dining, dancing, discovering other languages, and maintaining beloved relationships with family and friends. While in South America, a fellow traveler once told her over a game of Jenga,”You have to be willing to take risks.” No other lesson has held more truth in her heart. A healthy mind, body, and spirit are her life essentials. But above all, Alanna relishes the freedom to celebrate and pursue the craft of acting.