About me…

I’m a 35-year-old, creatively driven mother of two cats. Some might say I possess a borderline obsessive compulsion to execute the projects, visions and narratives that come into my mind. I consider it a gift. With so much creative energy bursting from my seams, I moonlight as a screenwriter and filmmaker. These two crafts beautifully feed, inform and build on each other.

Both crafts also reveal the simple and universal truth that people love a good story. As the oldest art form known to woman and man, storytelling is what makes us human at our core. In today’s digital world, stories are the driver behind the ultimate user experience.

My job, my passion, is to find the narratives that excite and engage our fellow humans (you know, that demographic or audience you’re reaching for) and curate them into quantifiable growth for your brand. I do this by tapping into an array of content marketing tools, which incorporate top-rate copy at baseline. The wordsmithing I provide can take the form of blogs, email campaigns, PR, SEO, social media strategy and much more as it aligns with your need.

Let’s find the stories you’re looking for and grow your business together.